I did something because I felt guilty for not posting on annivvversary. Finally I have a Saturday to spare and this is gonna be the day I draw something for Valvrave.


Over 20,000 rocks are kept as pets by Americans, often in overcrowded conditions.

These caged rocks are not treated like the happy pet rocks of the 70s, but are crammed into their cages often over 50 to a cubic meter. This severely stunts the rock’s growth, many rocks not appearing to grow at all.

Contrast this with the free-range rock which can literally grow to the size of a mountain range when properly fed and cared for. Paul Thompson of the U.S. Geological Survey explains, “People often forget that rocks are living beings. Sure they don’t breathe or eat or reproduce or move or excrete or mate or grow or die or show any form of intelligence or emotion or concern for their own well being or have any discernible organs or even cells or come to harm if treated poorly or really show any sign whatsoever of life as we know it, but they deserve better than this.”

We at FIJMU support the Plea For Rock Rights Troop (PFRRT) and hope that someday all pet rocks like those pictured above will be set free, to uh… Lie there.


This will help you write good.


Mekakucity Actors - 「Takane “Ene” Enomoto nº 06」


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You better watch your fucking tone or i’m calling the cops



those nerds in high school who run like this


in my middle school there was a boy who wanted to be called Sasuke Uchiha and he wore a Sasuke cosplay to school everyday and one day he did this run down the stairs and broke his arm and apparently he told the principle it was the ‘Naruto run’ and then we were all banned from wearing Naruto headbands and doing this run and Naruto was put down as gang activity at our school